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I want to thank the voters in Ward 6 who gave me their time at the door and their trust for the next term of council. My team and I made every effort to reach every street. I will work just as tirelessly as your new City Councillor. Let’s keep these important conversations going.
— Dominique O'Rourke, October 23, 2018

Inauguration Day for the next term of Guelph City Council is December 3, 2018.

The content of this election website will be archived prior to this date and a new website launched for council information.

Dominique wants to be your voice at City Council to advocate for: Smart development, affordable and livable communities and better communications. More importantly, she wants to know what your priorities are.

Read about Dominique's Vision or watch the video below.

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I want to be a new voice for Ward 6 at City Council. I believe in better development, affordable and livable communities and better communications. Let's have a vision for one city where every community can thrive and feel valued.

Community Leader

Co-author of Guelph's Vital Signs,  10+ year volunteer at the Guelph Community Foundation and community mobilizer for Special Olympics Provincial Spring Games in 2016, Dominique has the pulse of key issues in our community. She can gather people around issues and mobilize people to action.


After moving to Guelph in 1997, Dominique has worked locally in the private, public and social benefit sector. Either professionally or on a volunteer basis, Dominique loves to meet new people, to understand their priorities and to make introductions that help them achieve their goals.


Often called a "boundary spanner," Dominique can translate the language of an organization in a way that is meaningful to people. Dominique believes Ward 6 residents deserve better communications from their councillors.


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A new voice for Ward 6, working for

  • Smart Development

  • Affordable and Livable Communities

  • Better Communication and Engagement for Ward 6