7 reasons local jobs = greater prosperity

By 2031, Guelph's population is estimated to grow to 175,000 people and to have 30,000 more jobs. Yet according to BMO Capital Markets, our employment growth is lagging behind the national average. [1] The creation of good quality local jobs in a range of sectors is vitally important in a number of ways.

  1. Well-paying jobs increase living standards for families and the community.
  2. Well-paying jobs stimulate the economy with increased discretionary spending.
  3. Local jobs mean shorter commutes or more opportunities to use transit (if you live and work on a route) or active transportation.
  4. Shorter commutes mean less stress, more time with family and friends, and better air quality.
  5. Great local jobs help retain students who come to Guelph to attend college or university.
  6. Healthy local businesses help shift the property tax burden from residential to commercial.
  7. Local jobs in a range of different sectors help protect Guelph from economic downturns.

Vibrant cities need a strong and diverse local economy. While Guelph has enjoyed very low unemployment and growth in household family income in the past several years, we need to maintain a focus on creating a climate where that prosperity can continue. We are very fortunate to have a broad range of anchor institutions like the university, the hospital, provincial government and large manufacturers like Linamar and Denso, but we need to ensure the city continues to attract, retain and grow businesses of all sizes.

The City's recent Commercial policy review found that after 2031, Guelph won't have enough commercial space. We need to ensure City Council maintains zoning to accomodate new or growing businesses.

We also need to work with business leaders to address the concerns they identified in the Grow Guelph business survey, like more agile processes. It found that while outlooks are good and relations with the City are positive, a number of issues need to be addressed. (More on that in a future post but if you can't wait, here's the link to that report.)

[1] Kavcic,R. Where have all the good people gone, now?, BMO Capital Markets, July 13, 2018. p.7-10







Dominique O'Rourke