Why pause the Clair-Maltby Secondary Plan?

On April 3, I attended the Clair-Maltby charrette/community input process. I'm new to this whole thing, so I was surprised when two days later "preferred" plan was put before council. At the time, I had three main concerns:

  1. The incredible intensification proposed for Gordon Street, including 14- to 16-storey buildings as Guelph's "Green Gateway";
  2. A proposed road through a provincially-designated wetland; and
  3. That residents of Rolling Hills seemed blindsided by the proposal. 

Items 2 and 3 were resolved by a new plan presented on May 31, but the vision is still for massive intensification along Gordon St. Now, I completely understand that we need higher density to make transit viable. I also understand that higher density means more property tax for the same space. And, I'm not opposed to intensification where it makes sense; for example, where people can walk to all the amenities they need like the new Tricar Development on Gordon, near the GO Train downtown or close to the new Highway 7 in the north.

I just don't believe all that intensification needs to take place in Guelph's South-end. I don't believe we need a concrete corridor on Gordon Street to accomplish our objectives; and, I think there are many more considerations that need to be included in the plan before it is deemed "preferred."

There are more questions than there is time. That's why I believe we should pause the plan.

Here is the letter I sent to Council and the Planning department in April.

Here are the remarks I presented to Council (more or less) on June 14.


Dominique O'Rourke