Why aren't we talking about roads?

"When asked what were the top issues facing Guelph residents in the recent Ipsos Citizen Satisfaction Survey, 14% most mentioned infrastructure, road reconstruction and maintenance."[1] Yet the transportation section of the CAO's Community Report to council presented last night only identifies transit, trails and parking.

Why aren't we talking about roads?

The Transportation Master Plan Update page on the City's website, which will be the first comprehensive update since 2005, lists the following resources: 

Why aren't we talking about roads?

Guelph's South End is growing exponentially with plans to add 17,000- 20,000 people in Clair-Maltby alone. Road infrastructure should accommodate that growth and growth throughout the city. Transit on a North-South axis is great for students who attend UofG or people who work on that North-South axis, but we also need to think about people who work east, west or south, who drop kids off at day-care, who leave work for an appointment, who drive for work, who don't cycle in the winter, etc. Let's be honest: that's the majority of us.

The 2016 Census profile for Guelph shows 51,305 people commute by car, truck or van daily as a driver. Of course, we can encourage carpooling, the use of transit or active transportation, but the reality is the vast majority of people are driving and our roads need improvement - not just for the movement of people but also for the movement of goods and services. The next council will receive an updated Transportation Master Plan - last updated in 2005.

I'll be looking for: 

  • Widening Gordon Street and Victoria Road to reflect population growth in the south end
  • Plans to improve Arkell Road before construction of a new high school. For years, the city has been approving sub-division after sub-division on this little road with no improvements. Many roads and boulevards in Guelph are much wider with far less density.
  • Improvements to Downey Road 

What would you like to see? 


[1] CAO Annual Update Report to Council, p.5 https://guelph.ca/wp-content/uploads/council_agenda_072318.pdf presented July 23, 2018


Dominique O'Rourke