MY Vision

A new voice for Ward 6


I've lived in Guelph's Ward 6 for 18 years. My husband and I are raising our children here and I walk my dog on the trails every day. 

I love this city and I love our neighbourhood. We're at such an exciting time in our history - trying to balance growth and innovation while preserving our quality of life - it's not easy but it's essential.

That's why I'll focus on three things during this campaign:

  • Smart development

  • Livable neighbourhoods

  • Open communications

Smart Development

We need:

  • A clearer vision for the city and for each of its neighbourhoods

  • Development that serves the overall vision of our future and moves it forward. For example: sustainable development to meet net-zero targets

  • Less density in the Gordon St corridor

  • Roads, infrastructure and a hospital that can accommodate current and new residents

  • A commercial mix that meets the needs of residents and contributes to complete communities, eg: a South end gas station and east end grocery store

  • A review of the Transportation Master Plan to address traffic, speeding, parking and transit concerns

  • To build roads properly the first time: wide enough, with bike lanes and room for buses to pull over

  • Transit that’s reliable with routes that extend into all employment lands and that are suitable for shift workers

  • A climate that attracts new businesses and encourages local businesses to grow. This includes a review of plans and zoning in the Hanlon Business Park

Affordable and livable neighbourhoods


  • Keep property taxes in check

  • Support local job creation (video)to boost living standards and reduce commute times

  • Push for construction of the South End Rec Centre

  • Preserve the integrity of our drinking water and green spaces

  • Ensure Guelph’s Parkland Dedication by-law is updated and applied

  • Advocate for more Guelph police officers so people feel safe at home and on the road (video)

  • Adopt affordable housing solutions like increasing the supply of housing stock, incentives, inclusionary zoning, accessory apartments and partnerships

  • Support healthy living while planning for the needs of an aging population

  • Support community vitality, connection and culture

open communications

I will:

  • Demand clearer goals, metrics and transparency at City Hall

  • Listen and respond to your concerns

  • Keep you up to date by blog, on social or in person

  • Hold town hall meetings at least twice each year to keep you informed when it matters most

  • Be your voice at City Council

In all my professional and volunteer roles, I’ve relied on information, best practices and a common purpose and vision to rally people around a strategy. Many of my roles have been political but non-partisan. I know I can collaborate with council colleagues, staff, community leaders and residents to tackle some of our current challenges and help position Guelph for the future.

I’m asking for your support on October 22

Dominique O'Rourke
Candidate, Ward 6


Every Monday since May 1, I shoot a little video to tell you more about me and my perspective. Here’s my first #MeetMeMonday. Check out my blog for more.

 I will work for smart development, livable communities and better communications for Ward 6.

I will work for smart development, livable communities and better communications for Ward 6.