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In 2014, only 41% of eligible voters in Ward 6 cast their ballots, yet this is the level of government that is closest to us and where we have the most influence. Since you’re reading this, you’re probably a voter. Here are 5 important things to know.

  1. You can vote even if you’re out of town
    If you’re going to be away in October, you can fill out a proxy form with the City Clerk's office to allow someone to vote on your behalf. http://vote.guelph.ca/voters/information-for-voters/

  2. You can vote early
    You can beat voting-day lineups by casting your ballot at any of the advance polls in the city on October 12 (10am-6pm), 13 and 14 (10am-5pm)

    1. Guelph City Hall

    2. Evergreen Seniors Community Centre 

    3. Clair Road Emergency Services Centre 

    4. University of Guelph (October 12 only) 
      Each location meets full accessibility standards and offers accessible voting devices. 

3. You can still be added to the voters’ list

If you’re not on the voter’s list, you can still be added before voting day. You just need to complete an Application to Amend the Voters’ List. It’s available at ServiceGuelph, by phone at 519-837-5625 or by e-mail at guelphvotes@guelph.ca. Then just return the form in person to ServiceGuelph at City Hall and show acceptable identification, like a driver’s licence.

You can also add your name to the list at a poll on voting day. You will have to swear an oath and bring appropriate ID.

4. You can vote at any polling station in your ward on October 22
Voting Day! Vote in any Ward 6 poll.

5. My volunteers will be happy to drive you to a polling station

Send me an email and my volunteers will help get you there!

Other election questions?